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How Family CareSpace Application Suite Works

Utilizing Technology To Advance Care


Secure Family Portal

The Secure Family Portal is designed with the purpose to foster an active engagement by everyone involved with the senior. By bringing the power of social media to elder care, the portal ensures that families stay connected to the loved ones regardless of the physical distances between them.

  • Get the real-time location of a loved one by logging into the Secure Family Portal
  • Exchange photos, videos, audios, and text with loved ones
  • Receive photo, video, audio, text, and updates from loved one’s community/facility
  • Activity calendar keeps you updated with their daily routine


CareProvider App (CPa)

A one of its kind, very powerful app that gives you the location of residents/patients, staff, visitors, and all key assets in a community at one tap on your phone screen.

  • Demonstrated to have saved countless hours spent on non-care activities by care staff
  • The powerful customized alerting system has proven to save many undesirable incidents
  • Simply knowing the nearest care provider to attend a call significantly increases the efficiency of care services and increases safety
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Administrator Dashboard

A portal that allows administrators and management to analyze the operational health of their communities and make data-driven decisions. One of its many capabilities is contact tracing, alert statistics, and tools for better operations management.

  • Clinical grade room level certainty of location for contact tracing
  • Access to empirical data for informed decision making
  • Ensure compliance with hygiene protocols
  • Ability to compare actual care minutes delivered to care plan

Featured Devices

Checkout some of the sensing devices that power our platform


Low Frequency (LF) Exciters enable several locating features such as egress detection and choke point control. When a tag enters the LF Exciter sphere, the tag’s sensor is triggered and immediately reports this event to the Family CareSpace Intelligent Data Analysis Center.


External Hand Washing Monitors are battery operated devices that may be mounted to any dispenser, canister, or pump to track their usage. The Hand Washing Monitor communicates each handwashing event to the network which records each caregiver’s compliance performance.


Monitors provide room-level certainty for Real-Time location services using Infrared. The Monitor is an infrared signaling unit for asset, staff, and patient tags. Each Monitor transmits an infrared pulse pattern containing a unique location code.


These tags enable facilities to monitor resident/patient locations and automate workflow. Residents/Patients enjoy having the freedom and flexibility to move around a community/facility as supported by their care plan.


An active RFID Tag that provides wireless monitoring of staff members. It emits real-time indoor positioning data for monitoring the location, movements, and security status of its carrier throughout the building.


Duress Badges enable immediate response times during emergencies by instantly locating the specific patient/resident under duress. In the event a patient/resident needs assistance, a discreet push of a button on this badge, summons a wireless call for help and provides others with precise location information for a quick and reliable response.


Staff Badges are ultra-thin (only 3.8 mm), light weight, and the size of a standard community/facility-issued ID badge. Two or three customizable buttons can be assigned based upon various RTLS use cases.


Virtual Walls are Infrared signaling units to provide a method of locating tagged assets or people for facilities that require sub-room level accuracy. Virtual Walls are geared to semi-private rooms and bays typically found in Senior Living Communities and Nursing Homes. Unlike room-level monitors, Virtual Walls do not need physical walls to limit the area of coverage.

There is a wide range of sensors in the industry. We have carefully selected devices that provide meaningful senior living solutions and made sure they are safe to use. Check the full product catalog to know more

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