Skilled Nursing Home Facilities

Family CareSpace provides nursing homes access to critical and multiple data that improves patient centered care, improves staff efficiency, increases the value of the care setting, reduces risk, and promotes family engagement. This was proven at an Assisted Living Memory Care test site where the platform has been in production for over 5 years.

Key Features

Make accurate data driven decisions

FCS provides skilled nursing homes with a fact-based foundation for staffing decisions. The platform is able to pinpoint differences in actual vs. planned care as well as optimize staffing to reflect that. Empirical data gives valuable insights to ensure staff productivity and costs are understood to make better decisions.

Optimize operational health

Typical community staff has said they spend 5% – 20%+ of a workday looking for team members, residents, handling false alerts, and searching for key assets required to deliver care. All of this information is easily accessed using Family CareSpace’s CareProvider (CPa) application on a mobile device. The days of spending time wandering around searching will be drastically reduced! The reduced non-care time translates to increased time for care delivery and/or the ability to take on additional residents with the same staff. This is an immediate benefit with Family CareSpace. More care time available should mean better outcomes for all.

Give families confidence in your services

A facility integrated with Family CareSpace can ensure the accountability of care provided. The Secure Family Portal allows families and friends to have a virtual connection with their loved one from anywhere in the world via the internet. This includes the location of the loved one in the facility 24/7 and precious updates from care staff that include pictures, videos, activity calendar, audios, and text updates of the loved one. All content from the facility is approved by the Facility Administrator and is owned by the family.

Enable staff with better tools for faster alert response times

Mobile alerting technology can be configured around specific patient needs as well as facility needs. Staff will know the exact location where help is needed and effectively handle the alert. No more pull cords required! Staff receiving mobile alerts is critical to the timely response and resolution of the alerts. Staff badges have alert buttons that create staff assist alerts which provides other staff members room-level specific location where the assistance is needed.

Contact tracing designed for senior living communities

Not all technology is the same. Location certainty is critical for actual contact tracing. If devices used for contact tracing give a 50 feet circle around an infected person, how many staff and patients would need to be quarantined? An accurate listing of who was in contact with whom at minimum room level is required for effective contact tracing. FCS sensors deliver the certainty of the location to ensure proper contact tracing occurs.

Handwash hygiene compliance for infectious disease control protocols

FCS has sensors that attach to popular hand washing dispensers. These sensors indicate who has used the dispenser and when. The Administrator Dashboard provides administrators with this information.

Administrator dashboard to manage overall operations and provide valuable insights

The administrator dashboard provides great information to determine if care plans and staffing levels need adjustments. For example, infectious disease protocol reports on how long housekeeping takes to clean certain areas ensure adherence to the protocols. Many other reports such as contact tracing report and administrative insights into care, staff, and overall operations help you manage the facility better.

Boost competitive edge

FCS differentiates your facility more than ever in an increasingly complex and highly competitive senior living industry. From tools to reduce risk and increase the safety of patients and staff in a pandemic to providing attractive capabilities for families to have a loved one reside in your facility, FCS delivers a powerful competitive edge.

What is a 20% increase in daily productivity worth to your facility? Call now to speak with us on how quickly you can realize increases in productivity, and its effect on valuation and the bottomline.