Strategic Partnerships

Family CareSpace And PointClickCare announce integration with Family CareSpace’s real-time location engagement platform

PointClickCare and Family CareSpace are pleased to release an interface to the PointClickCare system that automatically uploads key resident/patient information into the Family CareSpace Engagement Platform that provides room-level location certainty for patients/residents and staff for greater safety and peace of mind for families or patients/residents. Family CareSpace and PointClickCare released an interface that provides PointClickCare users access to the Family CareSpace clinical grade, real-time location, and alerting system with room level certainty. PointClickCare users continue to maintain the resident/patient/staff data in the PointClickCare system and all necessary changes flow to the Family CareSpace System. This ensures a single and accurate version of the data is maintained in the PointClickCare system of record. Family CareSpace and the Family Portal has been extensively tested in a community for over 5 years before general release to the market.

University of Cincinnati research program with Family CareSpace

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