Family CareSpace is ideal for families with loved ones in care communities. Our technology allows family members to stay connected, no matter where they are, and provide assurances that their loved ones are receiving the best quality of care.


Facilitates family involvement and resident connection
Family CareSpace allows families and friends to have a virtual connection with their loved one from anywhere in the world via a secure social-media platform. This includes updates, pictures, video, and the ability to interact with staff. Each resident has a Family Administrator who can approve all content and filter activity to share with groups of family and friends.

Promotes transparency of care
Family CareSpace encourages family to be engaged in their loved ones’ activities and care, and facilitates an on-going relationship with care providers. It also provides empirical data to support adjustments in care levels.

Enhances resident safety
The Family CareSpace technology allows staff and family members to know the location of residents at all times which is particularly important to the effective response and resolution of resident and staff alerts. Movement and ‘virtual fences’ can trigger alerts, which are then routed to staff and tracked to resolution.

Promotes on-going resident and family satisfaction
Social interaction and family support is important for a resident’s well being and quality of life. Family CareSpace provides opportunities for frequent family interactions leading to overall peace of mind.

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