Family CareSpace can be integrated into any care community, allowing staff and residents to interact with family members and friends, while providing valuable care and safety information and analysis.


Enhances resident and staff safety

Family CareSpace allows staff and family members to know the location of residents at all times. Movement and ‘virtual fences’ can trigger alerts, which are then routed to staff and tracked to resolution. Knowing staff location and movement optimizes care and responsiveness.

Boosts desirability for new clients

Families are hungry for transparency and Family involvement is a key factor in selecting an assisted living community. At the Assisted Living Community in Rye NH, over 75% of resident families indicated that Family CareSpace was an important consideration in their decision.

Promotes on-going resident and family satisfaction

Social interaction and family support is important for a resident’s well being and quality of life. Family CareSpace provides opportunities for frequent family interactions leading to overall peace of mind.

Delivers competitive advantage

Family CareSpace technology is an industry leading technology that will make you stand out in the competitive marketplace.  Launch Partners receive added early-adopter benefits.

Improves staff utilization

Family CareSpace provides communities with a fact-based foundation for staffing decisions. our platform is able to pinpoint differences in actual vs. planned care as well as optimize staff routing.

Grows asset base and property value while increasing profitability

The transparent model of Family CareSpace leads to the ability to more easily substantiate and adjust levels of care. Occupancy rates are favorably impacted by Family CareSpace’s ability to provide content specific to the residents through the innovative secure family portal.  High occupancy rates should translate to great asset values.

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