Family CareSpace installs wireless location sensors throughout the community.  Residents have pendants and Staff have Badges that communicate with the sensors.

Location, calendar, and other community and resident information is supplied real-time to Family CareSpace’s secure web-based platform. Authorized family and friends are able to review resident location, calendar and activity, and families can send and receive messages and videos with their loved ones.

Family CareSpace is easy to access via the website, or a mobile device.

Family Friendly Portal

  • Resident Location
    • Real time location
    • Historical playback
    • Room images and information
    • Link to calendar
  • Calendar & Events
    • Individual & community events
    • Historical/Future view
    • Linked to map and location
    • Supports family interactions
  • Activity Stream
    • Family and friends post info
    • Videos/Pictures
    • Staff posts
    • Facilitates family communications
    • Social Media sharing
    • Family administrator approval
  • Video
    • Family and friends post info
    • Scheduled Interactive sessions between resident & family
    • Staff postings
    • Family administrator approval

Please note the following article regarding what Family CareSpace means to Families we have been serving for over 5 years:

Contact us for more information about how families are using Family CareSpace to stay connected with loved ones.