Family CareSpace provides Senior Care providers access to critical and multiple sources of data to improve resident centered care, improve staff efficiency, increase the value of the care setting, reduce risk, and foster family engagement. We are unique in the industry and have been in production at an Assisted Living Memory Care site for over 5 years. The experience provides proven Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) of real time data and the Care Provider application (CPa) for the community

Value Proposition – Community

The Family CareSpace platform provides information for operations. This includes the following:

  1. Affordable: Proven ROI based on operational efficiencies, reduced legacy application costs, and low access subscription cost. We save Senior Living Communities between 5% and 10% of monthly expenses by replacing the Nurse Call application, Elopement application, archaic communication devices, (i.e. Walkie-Talkies & Beepers), Engagement application to communicate with family, and integration with Medical Records to reduce errors.These costs reductions can provide ROI in the first year.
  2. Accurate: Through the IDA tool, real time empirical data is used for Alerts, Location, Care Monitoring, and Crisis Management.The combination of sensors and intelligent analysis provides clinical grade information,(virtually zero incorrect information).
  3. Accountable: Empirical information is collected & can be audited, providing billing and incident validation. It has been shown to provide a 5% – 10% annual payroll savings, through better scheduling and utilization of staff.
  4. Accessible: Care Provider(CPa)Application is the mobile display and alert reporting application that resides on the mobile devices and receives real time information from the IDA tool. It provides a quiet environment and efficient response by staff.
  1. Availability: Information is accessible from any browser, laptop, or mobile device. The Family Web Portal promotes on-going resident and family engagement opportunities via a secure connection. This capability delivers a competitive advantage for the community that significantly differentiates it in the marketplace


Capabilities of Family CareSpace

  • Staff & Care Management
    • Location tracking
    • Historical view
    • Map to care plan
    • iOS-based tracking/management
    • Optimized routing
    • Operational dashboard
  • Alert Management
    • Patient/Staff alerts
    • Emergency call
    • Closest care giver ID
    • iOS app notifications
  • Legacy Replacement Opportunities
    • Nurse Call
    • Elopement Management
    • Beepers/Walkie Talkies
    • Family/Community Engagement Application
  • Resident Location
    • Real time location
    • Historical playback
    • Room images and information
    • Provider configurable
  • Family/Community Portal
    • Calendar & Events
    • Activity Stream
    • Video

Risk Mitigation

All media content is family-owned and stored only on cloud-based servers managed by Family CareSpace. The operator administrator approves all community-originated postings, communications, and video. The family administrator approves all content before publishing to family and friends. On-going open communication and interaction with family members provides an empirical foundation for resident care plans.

Check out the following article regarding how Family CareSpace can reduce risk and improve financial performance in Senior Living Communities:

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