Small, unobtrusive wireless-based tracking devices are installed throughout the community. Residents and staff are provided with tracking badges and pendants.

Tracking, calendar, and other community and resident information is supplied real-time to CareSpace’s secure web-based platform. Authorized family and friends are able to review resident location, calendar, activity, and send and receive messages and videos with their loved ones. Care providers and administrators have total access to information streams as well as historical reporting and analysis.


In Community Technology

Location Tracking

  • Primarily wireless devices for ease of installation and reduced wiring
  • 5 year+ battery life
  • Includes both RFI and infrared capabilities


  • iOS-based devices and social media stream
  • Supports alert tracking and staff management


  • Small server provides local management of location tracking system
  • —Internet connection to cloud-based platform for data storage and all services

Technology Components

  • Resident Location
    • Real time location
    • Historical playback
    • Room images and information
    • Provider configurable
  • Calendar & Events
    • Individual & community events
    • Historical/Future view
    • Linked to map and location
    • Supports family interactions
  • Activity Stream
    • Family and friends post info
    • Videos/Pictures
    • Staff posts
    • Facilitates communications
    • Social Media sharing
    • Administrative Approval
  • Video
    • Family and friends post
    • Scheduled Interactive sessions between resident and family
    • Staff postings
    • Administrative Approval
  • Alert Management
    • Patient/Staff alerts
    • Emergency call
    • Closest care giver ID
    • iOS app notifications
  • Staff & Care Management
    • Location tracking
    • Historical view
    • Map to care plan
    • iOS-based tracking/management
    • Optimized routing
    • Operational dashboard

Risk Mitigation

All content is family-owned and stored only on cloud-based servers managed by Family CareSpace. The operator administrator approves all community-originated postings, communications, and video. The family administrator approves all content before publishing to family and friends. On-going open communication and interaction with family members provides an empirical foundation for resident care plans.


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