Q: I have a family member who is a resident at a care community. How can I use Family CareSpace?

A: Speak with your care provider and ask them to contact us – we can provide them with everything they need to implement Family CareSpace.

Q: I operate a care community. How can we implement Family CareSpace?

A: Contact us – we’ll provide you with everything you need to implement our platform.

Q: When did Family CareSpace become available to the Market? Do you have any customers yet?

A: Family CareSpace was available for limited release in Q3 of 2017.  It was released for the general market in mid-January 2018.  We are experiencing a very positive response, with our first community, EvoLve Senior Living, signed up February 2018.

Q: My Company would like a demonstration, how do we schedule that?

A: Contact us we will set up a web based demonstration with an agenda tailored to suit your interest.