Family CareSpace’s solution will increase efficiency, reduce operational expense and risk by providing the first combined resident & staff management Real Time Location (RTL) platform. The Family CareSpace platform integrates into care communities through wireless sensor technology, which is analyzed using our Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) tool. The result is actionable alerting, location reporting, asset tracking, and empirical care minute tracking.  The mobile Care Provider application (CPa) provides the display and alert reporting for residents and staff.  Family CareSpace’s clinical grade design allows it to replace older technology like Nurse Call, and other legacy applications.

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Family CareSpace provides Senior Care providers access to critical and multiple sources of data to improve resident centered care, improve staff efficiency, increase the value of the care setting, reduce risk, and foster family engagement. We are unique in the industry and have been in production at an Assisted Living Memory Care site for over 5 years. The experience provides proven Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) of real time data and the Care Provider application (CPa) for the community.

Family CareSpace is designed to assist operators in delivering the highest quality of care for their residents making it easier for family members to connect with loved ones within a care community.

Check out this article regarding the opportunity for Senior Living Communities with Family CareSpace:

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